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Terrence Mann Fan Community
Stay within yourself. Let the song come to you.
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22nd-Jun-2018 11:16 am - Swing your razor wide.
So jealous... of Connecticut.... :)
Don't those promo photos look great! That photo of Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett is so sweet. And her pie looks delicious. (What?)

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5th-May-2017 10:56 pm - Sense8, Season 2!
Ha ha! Wow. Just watched the first new episode of 'Sense8'. Straight to the chase, and Terry is pulling out all the stops as Villain Numero Uno! Will the good guys be a match? They're certainly giving him a challenge.
Great first episode, plenty of Terry throughout. I'd binge watch, but I think I'll make this one laaaast. ;)

14th-Apr-2017 11:00 am - The Devil, you say?

It was only a matter of time, really, until he played the ultimate villain.

Sleepy Hollow.  It's funny, because I've thought before that Tom Mison (Ichabod) sounds a bit like Terry in the voice department.




18th-Feb-2017 12:17 am - Recent Articles
grimaldi shipping
Yoohoo! Is the anyone around?

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18th-Nov-2016 12:44 am - What about Pierre?

Just chillin' with Josh Groban at 'Great Comet'... competing against one another for epic-est facial hair.


18th-Nov-2016 12:38 am - Swope rehearsal pics.

Have a look who shows up in #8 of Martha Swope's "most beautiful photos of NY dancers".  Meow.

It's a rehearsal photo I have never seen.


4th-May-2016 12:24 am - Tuck E.
grimaldi shipping
I'm sure it was very devastating for the entire company that the show only received one Tony nom, and it was not a major one. I think that our Mann was robbed.....I had heard several people say they thought he would be nominated. :( When the Times highlighted it as one of their picks, I thought that would help.

Any other year it would have been up for best musical, our Mann would have been nominated, etc. But that's the biz. Most of the shows that opened in the last 10-15 days didn't get as many nominations as they should (Benjamin Walker was also robbed for his role in "American Psycho"...he gives an incredible performance).

The rumors are already flying that the show will close very, very soon. There's no need to keep it open until the Tonys since they don't have major noms. I'm hoping they keep it open until at least the end of June and/or word of mouth helps business pick up.

If you haven't seen it and want to, I encourage you to go soon. (Another show with one nom announced today that it would close this weekend....and the nom is for featured actress....she should win, but if they close this weekend, she won't because the voters won't have seen her.) Tuck is a great show to take children to....there aren't many Broadway shows (that haven't been around for a few years) that I can say that about.


I saw it just before opening and for once, got everyone's autographs. Mr. Mann was in very high spirits that night. I enjoyed the show very much.
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